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Alternative LOAN OPTIONS


To address the needs of many types of borrowers today, with alternative employment and professions, there is an increased need for non-prime loans, which are markedly different from the subprime lending that was a hallmark of the financial crisis. 

Today’s non-prime loans are underwritten with a new approach, from careful review of the borrower’s eligibility using innovative alternate guidelines and extensive examination of the subject collateral.  

These loans serve borrowers who have been unable to qualify for government-backed loans but may qualify otherwise, with good incomes, credit and ability to provide the required down payments.

 Creative Lending, LLC offers non-prime loan products to this underserved segment of our Florida residents, expanding the number of potential borrowers for realtors and builders.  We specialize in offering a variety of innovative solutions that help these non-traditional borrowers achieve their goals of homeownership.

What can we offer?

· Non-Prime programs including the ONE Month, 24 and 12-month Bank Statement Programs, VOE Only Program and ATR in Full.

· Alt-A loan programs, with alternative income documentation programs, including and bank statement loans, one-year income qualification, and 24 months from life events

· Programs for foreign nationals, business use and non-owner-occupied loans.


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